About Us

Rare Coins of New Hampshire (RCNH) is unique in the numismatic world.  RCNH offers a unique blend of personal, attentive service and unmatched professionalism.  Offering over a century of combined numismatic experience, RCNH can help you do anything from expanding your coin collection to making wise numismatic acquisitions.  We are an authorized dealer for the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America (NGC), Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC).  We are also a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), and have been quoted as a numismatic resource in the “Silver and Gold Report.”

RCNH is also a long standing member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) and an Accredited Precious Metals Dealer (APMD). The APMD is an affiliated consumer protection program offered by PNG. APMD dealers have all passed a strict background check, are held accountable by the PNG & APMD Code of Ethics, have achieved a reputation for excellence in the precious metals industry and are legally bound to settle disputes.  The APMD program was developed to provide an even higher level of confidence for precious metals buyers by maintaining the same rigid standards of excellence for PNG precious metals dealers—and more.



Our in-house appraisals are most often free of charge.  If however you need an appraisal typed on our letterhead usually for estate purposes or to be presented in court, then the charge is $75 per hour with a minimum charge of $75.  The appraisal process is simple.  Once you bring your coins to us we will sit with you and itemize the value of your collection.  If you decide to sell to us then we will pay you the appraised price, if you choose to keep your coins then there is no charge except in the instance noted above.


Rare Coins of New Hampshire has a national reputation for handling the finest rare coins.  Our reputation for fairness precedes us and we are happy to make offers to purchase any and all U.S. coins;  also foreign coins, any jewelry, gold, platinum and silver bullion as well as any paper money.  You will always be treated with respect because we understand that establishing trust is of the utmost importance.  We will be happy to furnish references for your review, and there is no obligation.  Our office in People’s United Bank also allows you to cash your check, if need be.  So give us a try, I’m sure you will be glad you did.  Please feel free to call 1-800-225-7264 to make an appointment.

Rare Coin and Bullion Sales

Whether you are looking for a $19 Indian cent or a $500,000 rare coin, the professional numismatists at RCNH can help you.  We have a vast inventory and would be happy to send you a scan of anything in our inventory or with proper references send a coin to you for approval.  RCNH provides precious metals at a very modest transaction cost.

Want Lists

Many dealers offer want list services but don’t actually service them beyond one or two coin shows.  At RCNH we don’t give lip service, we actually keep your want list active until you tell us your needs have changed.  A word of caution!  Do not give us your want list if you are in a hurry to complete a set or series of coins.  Any true professional numismatist will tell you that truly honestly graded coins are hard to find.  That is why we advocate to buy the coin and not the holder.  If you are looking to plug holes in your series of collecting interest then we are not the dealer for you but if want coins that you will be proud to own then please call us.  We will only sell coins that we want to buy back at a future date.  

Auction Representation

One of the most popular services that we offer.  Whether you are purchasing or liquidating you can benefit from our many years of experience.  

If you decide that now is the time to sell your coins, you will need advice as to which auction or auction house may best serve your needs.  We have dealt with every major auction firm in the U.S. and have significant negotiating clout to maximize what you can realize for your coins; often you will receive more by consigning through RCNH than on your own.

If there is a particular coin coming up for auction that you need a professional opinion on or need to be represented in a confidential manner, RCNH can provide this service for you often at a nominal charge.  You will receive the benefit of our years of experience to render an opinion that you can be assured you will be comfortable with.

Submission Services

Since we are members of all major grading services including the newly formed CAC service we can submit your coins for grading at any point.  Once we receive your coins we will call and give an opinion as to which service and grading tier would be best to send your coins.  You will be charged only our cost plus additional shipping and handling charges.

Upgrade Program

As far as we know we are the only firm in the country that offers this service to anyone that calls us.  Since third party grading is not perfect there are situations in which a coin may be resubmitted or sent to a competing service for regrading.  We can look at your coins and determine which coins would be good candidates for this service so that you can maximize your coins value.  Please call today so that you can discuss this option with one of our numismatists.

Expert Witness Services

Because of our knowledge and experience, at times we will testify for various law enforcement agencies.  If you should need an expert to testify for you, one of our numismatists will be happy to discuss your particular situation with you in confidence.

eBay Service

If you are technologically challenged or just don’t have the time and wish to sell your coins through eBay then we can help.  Many clients opt to liquidate their coins in this manner and we will be happy to give our opinion as to whether your coins would benefit from this option.  We routinely sell coins through eBay and have the latest photography equipment to put your coin in the best positive light.  We also have the experience to correctly describe your coin and put it in the best possible light as to generate a great amount of interest among potential bidders.  We charge a nominal fee for this service but this is often a good choice for coins that may not make the cut for a mainstream auction house.

Our Staff

David Carleton, President

David Carleton, President and numismatist at RCNH started collecting coins when introduced to the hobby by his father and grandfather in the 1950's.  After a lull he began buying Krugerrands in 1976 and sold at the height of the market in 1980, this sparked a six year collecting binge that culminated in David meeting Warren, his future business partner and mentor.  After working together for several years both left the firm they were working with and started RCNH in 1990. 

Warren Mills, Vice President

Warren Mills is the Vice President and Chief Numismatist of RCNH. A coin collector since 1965, he has sold as much as $10 million in coins in a single year.

  • Selected by the Rosen Numismatic Advisory as one of the ten leading numismatists in the country for seven consecutive years.
  • One of a handful of recommended dealers by the Silver & Gold Report.
  • Noted in the Coin World Guide to U.S. Coins for handling one of the nicest 1895 Proof Sets known.
  • Asked to speak on many national radio programs about coins throughout the year.
  • Krause Customer Service Award winner (Krause is the largest numismatic publisher in the country).

"If not the best eye in the country, Mills is certainly one of the three best, and also one of the most honest." -James DiGeorgia, Editor, The Silver and Gold Report.

Joseph Presti

Joseph Presti, COO, is an attorney and professional numismatist and assists Warren with the coin buying in the office and at auctions and runs day to day operations.  Joe has worked with Warren since 1980 as well as founders of PCGS, NGC and CAC.  His expertise spans US coins and a variety of World coins and this knowledge has benefited many RCNH clients via outright sales and auctions.  Joe typically does not work with retail clients but has been known to work selectively with clients who have specific needs or wants. 

Donald W. Dee: Director, RCNH Financial

Director of the Financial Services Division of RCNH, the noted numismatic firm recognized internationally for its unrivaled technical expertise and consumer protection practices.  Don has worked exclusively in the rare coin and tangible asset markets since graduating from the University of Massachusetts. Working with financial professionals for over 25 years, RCNH Financial is approved and has been fully vetted by many broker dealers, RIA's, portfolio management firms and estate planning attorneys. Donald has been a frequent and popular guest speaker on numerous radio and television shows in both the United States and Canada discussing tangible asset investments.  A published author and contributor to Life Insurance Selling Magazine, Donald has also opened markets for the placement of premium quality rare coin and precious metals investment portfolios throughout the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia as well. Don is a frequent invited guest speaker at numerous financial educational forums.

  Please click here to visit the RCNH Financial Services Division website.

Lou Roten

Like many involved with coins, Lou became interested in coins at a very young age, influenced by his grandfather. Though his grand-dad was not a collector, he loved American and European history, creating an interest in historical artifacts which included coins of the world. Six years study of Latin and two of ancient Greek in high school, reading Caesar, Cicero, Virgil and Xenophon, led to an interest in ancient coins. Sadly, his entire collection was stolen while still in his teens, though his stamp collection was untouched. College, graduate school, then work took over for many years, traveling to and working in 44 countries for more than 30 years. More recently he taught mathematics and physical sciences at a local university for last ten years. All the while the interest in coins continued until the opportunity came about in early 2014 to revisit this great hobby/avocation and to join RCNH for total immersion in the business, learning from the collective experience of the exceptional professional numismatists at RCNH. Coin interests are early 19th century silver and copper, especially varieties, often a result of expedience and reuse of dies.

Donald Severance, Currency Consultant

Don has been a professional numismatist for over twenty-five (25) years.  His interest began originally collecting coins, but then was soon introduced to paper money.  Although versed in both, Don’s passion was with paper money.  Intrigued by the history, beauty and detail of each piece he researched and assembled an impressive collection of U.S. currency.  He eventually formed his own company, buying and selling every type of currency, attending shows across the country and building a client base that trusted and relied on him to find that perfect piece.

In 2000, Don became a contributor to the Standard Guide To Small-Size U.S. Paper Money.  Shortly thereafter, Don joined Spectrum Currency as their East Coast Representative.  While at Spectrum he traveled the country buying and selling currency and acquiring collections for auction.  Don has made many currency discoveries in his career including a new Friedberg catalog number that was chronicled in the Bank Note Reporter.  A note that was previously not known to exist.

Don eventually left Spectrum to continue his career working for himself and to focus on his expansive clientele.  Don works very closely with Rare Coins of New Hampshire as a Currency Consultant and together we have bought and sold over 7 figures in currency.  How can we help you?

Don is a member of the PCDA (Professional Currency Dealers Association), ANA (American Numismatic Association) and FUN (Florida United Numismatist).

Jonathan E. Danch

Jonathan E. Danch began collecting rare coins in 1969, with a solid appreciation of antiques and collectables as well. He has been a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association since 1981. In 1980 he became a wholesale representative with a nationally recognized rare coin firm. This is where he first met and worked with most of the numismatists of Rare Coins of New Hampshire. Later he was a product wholesaler to the financial services industry. During that time he authored several articles about rare coins in Brokers World, California Planner, California Broker, Life Insurance Selling and Barron’s. Later he worked with a nationally recognized rare coin firm working with collectors and investors. He has followed the prices of rare coins and precious metals (gold & silver) since 1980. In addition he was recently interviewed by a local radio station here in NH about rare coins. Jonathan makes this statement: "I am not in this business to sell anyone anything. I am committed to helping my clients buy the rare coins and hard assets which are best suited for their long term potential and hedge against economic uncertainty."

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