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Rare Coin & Bullion Sales

Whether you are looking to spend ten dollars or six-figures on a rare coin, the professional numismatists at RCNH can help you. We have a vast inventory and would be happy to send you a scan of anything in our inventory or with proper references send a coin to you for approval. RCNH can also provide silver, gold & platinum at a very modest transaction cost.


Rare Coins of New Hampshire has a national reputation for handling the finest rare coins. Our reputation for fairness precedes us and we are happy to make offers to purchase any and all U.S. coins; also foreign coins, any jewelry, gold, platinum & silver bullion, as well as any paper money. You will always be treated with respect because we understand that establishing trust is of the utmost importance. We will be happy to furnish references for your review. Please feel free to call 1-800-225-7264 to make an appointment.

Want Lists

Many dealers offer want list services, but don’t actually service them beyond one or two coin shows. At RCNH we don’t give lip service, we actually keep your want list active until you tell us your needs have changed. A word of caution! Do not give us your want list if you are in a hurry to complete a set or series of coins. Any professional numismatist will tell you that honestly graded coins are hard to find. That is why we advocate buying the coin and not the holder. If you are looking to plug holes in your series of collecting interest then we are not the dealer for you, but if you want coins that you will be proud to own then please call us. We will only sell coins that we want to buy back at a future date.


Our in-house appraisals are most often free of charge. However, if you need an appraisal typed on our letterhead, usually for estate purposes or to be presented in court, then the charge is $75 per hour with a minimum charge of $75. The appraisal process is simple. Once you bring your coins to us we will sit with you and itemize the value of your collection. If you decide to sell to us then we will pay you the appraised price, if you choose to keep your coins, then there is no charge except in the instance noted above.

Submission Services

Since we are members of all major grading services (PCGS, NGC & CAC) we can submit your coins for grading at any point. Once we receive your coins, we will call and give an opinion as to which service and grading tier would be the best to send your coins to. You will be charged only our cost, plus additional shipping and handling charges.

Upgrade Program

As far as we know we are the only firm in the country that offers this service to anyone that calls us. Since third party grading is not perfect, there are situations in which a coin may be resubmitted or sent to a competing service for regrading. We can look at your coins and determine which ones would be good candidates for this service so that you can maximize their value. Please call today so that you can discuss this option with one of our numismatists.

Auction Representation

Auction Representation is one of the most popular services that we offer. Whether you are purchasing or liquidating, you can benefit from our many years of experience.

If you decide that now is the time to sell your coins, you will need advice as to which auction or auction house may best serve your needs. We have dealt with every major auction firm in the U.S. and have significant negotiating clout to maximize what you can realize for your coins; often you will receive more by consigning through RCNH than on your own.

If there is a particular coin coming up for auction that you need a professional opinion on or need to be represented in a confidential manner, RCNH can provide this service for you, often at a nominal charge. You will receive the benefit of our years of experience to render an opinion that you can be assured you will be comfortable with.

Expert Witness Services

Because of our knowledge and experience, at times we will testify for various law enforcement agencies. If you should need an expert to testify for you, one of our numismatists will be happy to discuss your particular situation with you in confidence.